Link: Experts Provide Early Analysis of the American Privacy Rights Act

For TechPolicy.Press, along with others in the field, I reacted to the existence of the discussion draft of the American Privacy Rights Act, a comprehensive federal privacy bill. My thoughts are clear, this is going to have to be a compromise bill, in order to pass, in a bipartisan fashion, so let’s start negotiating and…

Video: The Intersection of Federal Privacy Legislation & AI Governance

On November 15th 2023, I moderated a virtual event for New America’s Open Technology Institute on how federal privacy legislation intersects with AI governance. The event featured Sara Collins, Director of Government Affairs, Public Knowledge; Willmary Escoto, U.S. Policy Counsel, Access Now; Brandon Pugh, Policy Director and Resident Senior Fellow, Cybersecurity and Emerging Threats, R…

Press: DailyDot – “Inside the behind-the-scenes push civil rights groups are making on Capitol Hill to pass data privacy laws”

I was quoted in this article in the Daily Dot about the important push of civil rights groups to make sure comprehensive federal privacy legislation has strong civil rights protections.

Link: OTI Blog – Privacy Is a Right, Protecting It Is Not Extreme

For the Open Technology Institute Blog, I responded to some incendiary accusations by the digital ads lobby that those who seek comprehensive privacy legislation at the federal level are extremists. Not only is that not true, but Democrats, Republicans, civil society, and parts of industry are all calling for this legislation.

Link: TechDirt – The US Finally Has A Chance For A Federal Privacy Law. It Should Take It

For TechDirt, I wrote about the lack of principled or even ideological opposition to the passage of comprehensive federal privacy legislation, and how it is well past time Congress brings up the American Data Privacy and Protection Act for a vote.

Link: TechPolicy.Press – Make Privacy Legislation a Lame Duck Priority

For Tech Policy Press I wrote about the necessity of making sure that comprehensive federal privacy legislation passes Congress before the end of the year, during the so-called “lame duck” session. The bill, the American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA) would finally give everyone in the US the protections they need while using the…

Link: SF Examiner Op-Ed on California stalling Federal Privacy

For the San Francisco Examiner, I wrote an op-ed explaining that California may have been a leader in privacy but it’s now privacy’s biggest opponent, federally. The heads of CA’s data protection agency, elected state officials and the congressional delegation are waging a campaign against the bipartisan bicameral federal privacy bill (American Data Privacy and…