Google Policy Fellow


In 2016 I was awarded a prestigious Google Policy Fellowship that allowed me to work with the amazing non-partisan Internet Education Foundation (IEF). IEF is a non-profit organization supported by public interest groups, corporations, and associations representative of the diversity of the Internet community. It primarily focuses on four major programs: The Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Board, The Congressional App Challenge, the State of the Net conference and the Internet Law and Policy Foundry. My work with IEF went past the mandatory 10 weeks of the Google Policy Fellowship, and extended into the fall and winter seasons. While at IEF, I have helped craft, run and have even moderated (beware of the auto-load audio) Congressional briefings on internet policy topics. The main part of my post-summer work has consisted of planning for the 2017 State of The Net conference, and organizing the “Future of Work” and “Internet Governance” panels, as well as running IEF’s first of its kind event series The “Snowden Effect“.


In 2017, I was very fortunate to be chosen to return to the Google Policy Fellowship, this time working with the Global Network Initiative. The GNI is a truly impressive multistakeholder tech policy organization that is crucial in bringing corporate actors, civil society, human rights organizations and investors together to do more than just talk over each other. My work with the GNI will be both internal, benefitting the members, and external.