Open Data

As a graduate student I worked on several projects with my supervisor, Prof. Anne L. Washington.

Most importantly I worked as Research Assistant to Dr. Washington on her National Science Foundation Grant (NSF Grant #1635449) to study Open Data Suppliers is to help gather data and literature, assist with the processing and analysis and help with writing assignments. Any explanation beyond the fact that we are looking at various government agencies’ digital strategies, and their implementations would probably either be too technical or too broad, so if you’re interested in what this is about (government open data, obviously), check out the NSF Grant page.

I was very fortunate to co-author with Dr. Washington several conference presentations, and two publications.

  • Open Data Repositories: Intimating Data Publics Through File Formats. Anne L. Washington, David Morar. Data Publics Conference. April 2017, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK.
  • Open Data: Audit Audiences or Engaged Publics? Anne L. Washington, David Morar. Data for Policy 2017. September 2017, London, United Kingdom.
  • Washington, A. L., Morar D. (2016). Open for Whom? An Overview of Data.Gov File Formats. Working Paper. Available at SSRN: or
  • Washington, A. L., & Morar, D. (2017). Open Government Data and File Formats: Constraints on Collaboration. Proceedings of the 18th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research, 155–159.