Link: Estadao – O dilema das pesquisas das redes

Alongside Claudio Lucena, I wrote a piece published in the online version of the Brazilian newspaper Estadao, on the importance of platforms, and especially Facebook, to open up data for researchers, in order to fix the immense information asymmetry. Only that first step of targeted transparency can lead us to a better position of arguing…

Link: Brookings – Legislative efforts and policy frameworks within the Section 230 debate

Alongside Chris Riley, as a follow-up to our piece earlier this summer on the real and perceived harms that are the basis for Section 230 reform, for Brookings Institution’s TechStream, we wrote a synthesis of the major proposals for reform and how they each stack up against each other.

Report: Applying Multi-Stakeholder Internet Governance to Online Content Management

Between 2019 and 2021 one of my main projects has been a Knight Foundation funded project working with the R Street Institute on translating the ethos and structure of multistakeholder governance from the Internet Governance space to the Speech Governance (of Content Policy) space. In September 2021 our report, written with Chris Riley, finally came…

Link: Brookings – Trump deplatforming decision highlights the impotence of Facebook’s Oversight Board

For Brookings Institution’s TechTank, I wrote a post about the (in)decision of the Facebook Oversight Board on deplatforming former President Trump. Beyond the specifics on the decision, this builds on my previous work on this, the overview of and general  takeaways from the Facebook Oversight Board. I make some very pointed critiques of the Board, Facebook and…

Link: Brookings – Facebook’s Oversight Board makes an imperfect case for private governance

For Brookings Institution’s TechTank, I wrote an overview of and takeaways from the Facebook Oversight Board. I was fortunate to be part of one of its expert meetings in August 2019, and I focused most of my comments while there on the private governance aspect of the process. In this piece I recreate the journey…

Link: Brookings – Four lessons for U.S. legislators from the EU Digital Services Act

For Brookings Institution’s TechTank, Bruna Santos and I wrote an overview of the EU Digital Services Act proposal, and the lessons US (and other) policy makers can learn from it, in terms of intermediary liability. This is the third in our series of articles on intermediary liability legislation, after an in-depth look at the legislative reform proposals…

Link: Brookings – The push for content moderation legislation around the world

For Brookings Institution’s TechTank, I wrote with Bruna Santos, an in-depth look at the legislative reform proposals around the world (specifically US, EU and Brazil) on intermediary liability. This is a follow-up article to our previous breakdown of the legislative context globally.

Link: Brookings – How a compliance mindset undermines antitrust reform proposals

For Brookings Institution’s TechStream, I wrote with Dr. Anne L. Washington, a conceptual piece in which we talk about how the narrow and compliance-focused perspective that Big Tech companies take on dealing with “Ethics” is very likely to permeate any antitrust action taken by the government, given current proposals.