Research Visiting Fellow

In early 2021 I was appointed a Research Visiting Fellow at the Hans Bredow Institute in Hamburg. This is a very exciting opportunity to put my research to good use.

The fellowship has given way to the Private Ordering Observatory, or PrObs.

The first public output under the auspices of PrObs is the series “Private Ordering Perspectives”, focusing on the question WHO GETS TO SAY WHO GETS TO SPEAK. The series will have three queries:

Query I: Who gets to speak? What deplatforming can teach us – June
Query II: What can we speak? The dealing with disinformation tells us – July
Query III: Who makes the rules? Designing for better speech governance – September

(July and September talks to be announced soon)

Registration is here, and more information about the series is here.
Below are the posters for the series as well as the June talks.

Private Ordering Perspectives (1)

Private Ordering Perspectives (2)

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