I’ve been fortunate to be involved in a few great projects so far, so here’s a list of some of them:

Research Visiting Fellow (Hans Bredow Institute, Hamburg) 2021

Ethics and Public Interest Technology (Partner/Fellow at New America) 2021

Research Sprint (Fellow at HIIG Berlin) 2020

Journal of Communication Technology (Associate Editor) 2020-present

International Research Centers (Non-Resident Associate Researcher) 2019-present

Digital Watch Observatory (Assistant Curator) 2017-2018, (Curator) 2018-2020

Internet governance capacity-building (Various) 2017-2020

Global Network Initiative (Google Policy Fellow) 2017-2018

NSF Grant Open Data Suppliers (Research Assistant) 2016-present

Internet Education Foundation (Google Policy Fellow) 2016-2017

Future of Privacy Forum  (Research Fellow) 2015

Association of Public Policy Analysis and Management (Board of Directors Student Member, various) 2013-2017

NSF Grant Political Informatics (Research Assistant) 2012-2016

Onward State (Social Media Manager) 2011-2012