In 2018, I joined as a Policy Manager for the Data for Democracy non-profit, focusing on ethical data science and specifically disinformation, working under Renee DiResta. While at D4D I helped shepherd our work on the legislative and industry action, while also being part of the push on trying to operationalize an earlier work on community-driven ethical data science principles. I also helped draft and edit several op-eds and internal documents.

In terms of public output: one of the pieces of work was presented at a conference:

  • Disinformation: Detect to Disrupt. Craig Corcoran, Renee DiResta, David Morar, Numa Dhamani, Garrett Honke, David Sullivan, Jeffrey Gleason, Paul Azunre, Steven Kramer, & Rebecca Ruppel. Comparative Approaches to Disinformation Workshop 2019 at the Berkman Klein Center, Harvard University. October 2019, Cambridge, MA.

It also was accepted, with minor tweaks as part of the proceedings of a different conference:

  • Corcoran, C., DiResta R., Morar, D., Dhamani, N., Honke, G., Sullivan, D., Gleason, J., Azunre, P., Kramer, S., & Ruppel, R. (2019). Disinformation: Detect to Disrupt. Proceedings of the Conference of Truth and Trust Online 2019. (In Publication) London, United Kingdom.