Link: Making the Internet Work for Everyone Using Section 230

For New America’s Thread online magazine, I wrote a piece on the importance of Section 230 for public interest internet organizations, like Wikipedia or the Internet Archive. The piece underscores that while the statute is one that undoubtedly has downsides, needlessly reforming or repealing Section 230 can lead to more bad than good.

Link: What Should U.S. Policymakers Know about the AI Act (So Far)?

For OTI’s Blog, I wrote an explanation for what happened in the EU with the AI Act. Because the decision taken in early December 2023 was a provisional and political one that happened behind closed doors, there is no text of the Act yet, and any text that crops up before mid February 2024 is…

Quick Thoughts: The Place for Private Governance in the AI Debate?

What follows is a quick post, with minimal editing, or links. A rant, if you will, originally written for my LinkedIn, but turns out I exceeded the character limit by a few thousand, so here it is: There are a lot of conversations surrounding the #AIAct in the EU, especially as today is the day…

Video: The Intersection of Federal Privacy Legislation & AI Governance

On November 15th 2023, I moderated a virtual event for New America’s Open Technology Institute on how federal privacy legislation intersects with AI governance. The event featured Sara Collins, Director of Government Affairs, Public Knowledge; Willmary Escoto, U.S. Policy Counsel, Access Now; Brandon Pugh, Policy Director and Resident Senior Fellow, Cybersecurity and Emerging Threats, R…

Link: OTI Blog – SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Platforms — What’s Next for Platform Accountability?

For the OTI Blog, along with Prem Trivedi, I wrote about the Supreme Court’s ruling on two important cases related to Section 230, and on what lies ahead, as well as what OTI sees as important work in the future

Link: Platform://Democracy – Enforcement as a Necessity in Platform Councils

As part of my work with the Hans Bredow Institute, I participated in early 2023 in a Research Clinic focused on Platform Councils. The output of the project, which included four Clinics around the world, is a significant report with numerous fantastic authors that have expertise in platform governance. My own work was published under…

Press: DailyDot – “Inside the behind-the-scenes push civil rights groups are making on Capitol Hill to pass data privacy laws”

I was quoted in this article in the Daily Dot about the important push of civil rights groups to make sure comprehensive federal privacy legislation has strong civil rights protections.

Link: R Street Blog – Regulating Big Tech Around the World: EU and U.K. Competing Approaches to Co-regulatory Mechanisms

For the R Street Institute, I wrote an analysis of how the European Union and the United Kingdom are using similar co-regulatory mechanisms in regulating tech companies, but are doing so in very different ways, which shows the general flexibility of these mechanisms.