Perspectives on Internet Governance: (Why) Does Internet Governance Matter?

By defining both internet and governance, this essay shows the imprecise and vague limits of the frequently-used technology policy term Internet Governance. It then explores the different subject areas that may fit in the broadest understanding of internet governance and the fundamental limitations of even such a broad understanding. Further, the essay explains the concept of multistakeholder governance, and, through historical and operational perspectives, answers the complex question of whether Internet Governance is multistakeholder, which is a claim regularly attached to any debate within the field. Finally, the essay culminates with the answer to the titular question by drawing a parallel to previous emerging technologies, their failure to reach a somewhat-mature governance ecosystem, and the potential for significant future benefit from the study of a hybrid governance environment such as the one currently in place for Internet governance.

Bringing encryption to a gun fight (or vice-versa)

Besides my inherent (and supposedly diseased) desire to make a pun, this title also manifests one of the thoughts I’ve been entertaining for a while. As the only person that deals with technology in a few of my professional and personal circles, I invariably get questions and requests for “clarification” or “simplification” on most of the…