Link: OTI Blog – SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Platforms — What’s Next for Platform Accountability?

For the OTI Blog, along with Prem Trivedi, I wrote about the Supreme Court’s ruling on two important cases related to Section 230, and on what lies ahead, as well as what OTI sees as important work in the future

Link: Barron’s – Change Is Coming to Internet Platforms. The Supreme Court May Lead the Charge

For Barron’s I wrote about the two cases the Supreme Court took on a few weeks ago, two very interesting cases that could strike at part or all of the protections afforded by Section 230 to all internet companies (big and small)

Facebook’s Oversight Board Can’t Intervene, So Stop Asking

This post originally appeared on Techdirt with the title Facebook’s Oversight Board Can’t Intervene, So Stop Asking: As Facebook employees stage a digital walk-out and make their thoughts known about the social media giant’s choice to not intervene in any way on “political posts”, especially those of President Donald Trump, some have called for the newly-created Oversight Board to step up…

An in-depth look at Facebook’s Oversight Board

This post originally appeared on the Georgia Tech School of Public Policy’s Internet Governance Project blog titled: Facebook’s Oversight Board: A toothless Supreme Court? A week and a half ago Facebook released its final charter for the Oversight Board it intends to create to tackle its content moderation problems. The charter spells out exactly how it would work,…