AI Governance Resources

What is AI?

Ai 101 by Aspen Digital
Intro to Generative AI by Aspen Digital
Foundation Model Development Cheatsheet by a group of scholars from universities and industry
The Language of Trustworthy AI – An In-Depth Glossary of Terms from National Institute of Standards and Technology
Framework for Classification of AI systems from OECD
The Spectrum of Artificial Intelligence from FPF

What is AI Governance

Key Terms for Ai Governance – by IAPP

Bills and Legislation

US Federal
Federal Legislative Proposals Pertaining to Generative AI (118th) by Anna Lenhart
Biden-Harris Executive Order on AI, Fact Sheet

US State level
State of State AI Laws (August 2023) by EPIC’s Katrina Zhu
US State-by-State AI Legislation Interactive Map by Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

EU AI Act explanation by OTI’s David Morar (me)
EU AI Act lessons for US policymakers – Event